Beware: Floods Ahead!

Beware Floods Ahead is an interactive exhibit developed at the University of Reading to inform people about how, why and where floods happen.

The exhibit is based around a core of interactive experiences to link the effects of climate change to rising sea levels and show how these and other factors (such as land management) contribute to flooding. These activities will convey the cutting-edge science behind the predictive modelling of weather forecasting.

The impacts of climate change are becoming clearer, and young people in particular are more engaged than ever. For the UK, the most damaging impacts will be flooding and heatwaves. This exhibit will demonstrate how the latest science is helping us to quantify the risks of flooding, predict when they will happen and so help to protect the people most affected.

The exhibit develops its message along the lines that:

  • floods are more likely as the climate warms
  • forecasting floods is tricky
  • planning decisions impact on floods

Our exhibit is clear, interactive and multi-sensory, appealing to a wide age range, learning styles and engagement levels; simplifying complex mathematical concepts and earth systems science, and making them relevant to the audience in the context of predicting floods.

Starting with shining a Spotlight on a Warming World with Professor Ed Hawkins – striking climate stripes graphics depict how climate change is increasing hazards linked to rising sea levels and extreme weather events. We’ll invite people to be the flood judge, predict tomorrow’s weather, today or make a way for water.