Tomorrow’s weather today

Forecasting looks simple, when we check for weather updates via an app or watch the highlights on television. But this is only what we see, there is lots of work that goes on behind the scenes to build the forecast. Developing accurate forecasts is essential in some parts of the world where extreme weather can wreak havoc, as this can help with emergency planning and resource allocation.

Tomorrow’s weather today lets you create your own weather forecast from real life examples and discover just how tricky this can be. When you visit our exhibit you will be choosing forecasting data to cast to a split screen television and see the outcomes of your predictions.

This activity will help you learn that:

  • there are several different data types that all contribute to making a weather forecast
  • the data used will depend on where in the world the forecast is being made 
  • the level of uncertainty that weather forecasts contain and how this changes with time